The Rudie Crew


El Husey & Dan Dulin, upon leaving the Ska fusion band Skinnerbox, formed a new band dedicated to Reggae and Ska with Dancehall vocal stylings. The Rudie Crew began rehearsing in a dank studio on Ludlow Street just south of Houston and knew right from the first that a new and exciting sound had been hatched. The original singers were David Greene and Sherwin (Sherankin') and an amazing drummer named Junior (Cliffton Anglin). Rudie Crew released its debut album “Invasion” in 2003, and follow up “Ride” in 2005.

After many years and numerous personnel changes the Rudie Crew has a solid line up of veteran all-stars up with Roy Radics fronting the band and the songs developing a more progressive sound.

From the ever burning ashes with a new fire burning comes The Rudie Crew rejuvenated and ready to bring to the world Skragga a combination of Reggae and Ska lead by the musical ambassadors El Husey and Dan Dulin blending the riddims and creating the music along with their infectious horns, and Roy Radics twisting up fast style firing lyrics with his unique combination of Mc style and sing jay vocals done in a JA to UK style......This all comes together with heavy heavy bass lines by the ever so talented Philly B and and perfectly coordinated by drummer extraordinary Kevin Raczka, now replaced by Beatblast that you have to experience live to see this guy murder beats, and all while Deanblast so melodic and animated on Keyboards and lead guitar being held down by the ever so talented John cave now replaced by Dave Parsons rocking on Lead guitar and backing Vocals create this amazing sound.The album was mixed and produced in a variety of studios and utilizing the recording skills and professionalism of P-dub where Radics and P-dub took 5 of the tracks already laid down from the mystro himself Brett Tubin and created 5 of what the Rudie Crew now stand for driving ska and Reggae in our own special style, that when we say no carbon copy we mean cannot be duplicated!