by Swoon


SWOON is a project by Simon Balthazar (Fanfarlo) and Knut Jonas Sellevold, two Scandinavian musicians based in Mexico City and London. It was conceived as an anythinggoes studio project gleefully borrowing from art rock, disco and post punk – as happy in the company of Arthur Russell or Brian Eno as that of Scott Walker, Laurie Anderson or late Talk Talk. The forthcoming SWOON album is a colourful onslaught of tracks that keep you wondering what will happen next with ever-surprising landscapes of wide open spaces, seasick grooves and cut up vocal hooks. As if multiple stations had drifted into synch on a detuned radio, this is music that brings about its own universe by straddling several others. The track Heatwave was first released on Atlantic’s Canvasclub singles imprint in the US in 2016. The single was playlisted by 12 college radio stations and was accompanied by a superb sci-fi themed video.

“Heatwave” video https://www.youtube.com/watch?

“Strange Leaves” video https://www.youtube.com/watch?