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In Love



With a similar aesthetic to AURORA, Lana del Rey or an American Ofra Haza, SOLA delivers a powerfully moving female pop performance with melodies drawing from the singer's classical roots and middle eastern influences.

Grammy winning producer Tim Sonnefeld, discovered SOLA when she was singing in their hometown of Philadelphia and the pair began writing songs to highlight her signature voice over strings, synths and hard-hitting drum beats. They are currently preparing the release of SOLA's debut album "In Love PT 1."

SOLA was training to be an opera singer and performing in night clubs when she formed an indie rock band with musicians she met on Craigslist. Within one year, the group was signing their first album when she suffered a devastating car wreck, propelling SOLA to actualize her dreams of being a solo artist. She was a finalist in the Philadelphia Songwriter's Project and toured the US as a singer-songwriter using her family name, Laura Promiscuo, before relocating to Los Angeles to top-line for pop music producers. Brazilian DJ, Rey Vercosa asked her to write songs for his dance label, RV Records and all songs went straight to #1 on Beatport.

In 2017, SOLA discovered her biggest musical influence during a rehearsal at her drummer's house, when his Israeli parents mentioned a similarity to the late Ofra Haza.

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