Sarah Sellers


The Dallas, Texas-based singer-songwriter Sarah Sellers, has a voice that’s silken but with swagger. Her phrasing and vocal melodies are steeped in classic R&B and soul, but her songwriting, and overall vibe, evokes the intrepid realm of soulful electro pop. In addition to her appearance on American Idol: Season 10, other career highlights include appearing on the same stages as Grammy Award-winning artists Paula Cole and Monica, and gracing stages from Brazil to New York City.

Sarah was born a natural musical talent. At the tender age of six, she was captivating her parents, and anyone who would listen, with her pristine angelic vocals and performance smarts. By age 12, she was writing original music and performing on a grander scale. Soon she found herself on American Idol and being pursued by record labels. But it would take moving away from a life in music for her to truly discover her musical gifts. Now she comes forth harnessing her talent on her own terms with a sensual and very personal electro soul-pop aesthetic.

In addition to her promising artist career, Sarah is an in-demand session singer, co-writer, jingle composer, and well-known food blogger.