Michael Whalen


After nearly 30 years working in television, film, advertising and other media, Michael Whalen is one of the top composers and music supervisors in the United States. A two time Emmy® Award winning composer (with 8 nominations) he has created music for thousands of commercials, hundreds of TV shows and 19 feature films. Some of his best-known work: score and music supervision for “Veronika Decides to Die” (2014), “What the Bleep Do You Know?”, themes for HBO, CBS News, ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, dozens of specials for PBS, National Geographic and the History Channel and television films for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel.

Michael is a internationally known recording artist with 30 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Well-known for his beautiful and thematic music, he performs around NYC when time allows. He has also produced and executive produced over 100 recordings for other artists. His work as a executive producer resulted in a Grammy Nomination in 2000.

As well as his music work, Michael is an expert on copyright law, music monetization and digital rights. After several posts in the industry, he is now the CCO of Artist Expansion - a "boutique" artist development company which handles a small but highly successful roster of music artists. He also consults with major technology and music companies and mentors artists around the world. As a teacher, he has been an adjunct professor at NYU, The Berklee College of Music and The City College of NY creating highly successful courses in scoring and music business.

He loves making a difference for people as a highly successful program & seminar leader and he has led programs for thousands of people in the United States and Canada. Michael is also an author, thought leader on the future on digital copyrights and panelist at dozens of major conferences and festivals.


Selected Feature Films:

“Somewhere in the Middle” (Hard Working) music supervision 2015

“Veronika Decides to Die” (Das Films) score & supervision 2010/2014

“Brothers on the Line” (Porter Street Films) score & supervision 2012

“Cargo” (Persona Pictures) score & supervision 2011

“Down the Rabbit Hole” (Director’s cut of “Bleep”) music 2006

“What the Bleep Do We Know?” additional 2004

“Chasing Destiny” score [starring Lauren Graham] 2000

“One Hell of a Guy” score [starring Rob Lowe] 1999

“Perfect Moment” score & supervision 1997 (soundtrack includes music by: Elton John, Philip Glass, Yo-Yo Ma & Sinead O'Connor)


Recent & Selected Documentary Television:

“Tailing Pond” (Independent) 2017

“Moving Art” (NetFlix/Blacklight Pictures) 2017

“Inventions in Photography” (GEH/PBS/Eggwork) 2014

“Expedition Apocalypse” (National Geographic Channel 2010)

“Cracking the Dinosaur Code” (National Geographic Channel 2009)

“Jesus: The Man Behind the Myth” [1-hour special] (Discovery 2008]

“Dinosaurs: Return to Life?” [1-hour special] (Discovery 2008]

“Super Comet: After the impact” [2-hour special] (Discovery 2007]

“America at the Crossroads” [8-part series] Theme (PBS/CPB) 2007

“2057” [3-hour special] score (Discovery 2007]

“The Great Fever” score (American Experience/PBS 2006}

“Slavery and the Making of America” 4-hour series (PBS) 2005 #]

“Judy Garland: By Myself” (American Masters/PBS) (score) 2004 #

“Sea Gypsies of the Forbidden Islands” (National Geographic) 2004


Selected Themes & Network Television Packages:

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Harpo/King World) 2007 - 2013

“Inside Edition” (Incidental music) 2006 – 2013

“WNET.Channel Thirteen” National IDs & legal IDs (PBS) # 2004 - 2013

“Good Morning America” theme package (ABC News) # 1997 - 2013

“NATURE/WNET - series” (PBS) 1993 - 2001

“NOVA” (PBS) 1999 - 2013

“HD Net” & “Commcast” ID logos

“Hallmark Entertainment Networks” (Hallmark)  #

“WBZ News/CBS Boston” (CBS News)* (Emmy®-nominated music)

“WCBS/New York” (CBS News) additional themes & promos

“Martha Stewart/Daytime” (NBC Daytime)


Recent Dramatic/Family Television:

“Hit To Right” (Independent TV film) 2009

“As the World Turns” music CBS /P&G 2002 – 2007

“Yu-Gi-Oh” songs (Fox/4 Kids) 2001

“Stolen From the Heart” score (Leonard Hill Films /CBS) 2000

“Poke’ Mon” WB series songs (4 Kids Productions) 1999-2004

“Out of the Box” (scoring) (Disney Channel) 1997 #

"How Do You Spell G-D" (HBO for Kids) 1997 *


Selected Short Films:

“Sure Fire” score and music supervision 2017 #

"What's Eating Dad/" score and music supervision 2014 #

“Beautiful” score 2013

“Saving Face” score 2011

“Branches” score 2010 (starring Daniel Stern)

“Finding Home” score 2010

“Speaking of Baghdad” score 2009

“The Visitor” score & music supervision 2007

“Alaska” score AFI 2006 #


Recent & Selected Advertising:

Apple Computer, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Chevy, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, BMW, Mercedes, Rite Aid, Pepsi, Diet Coke, HBO, PBS, Hallmark, Traveler’s Insurance, AT&T, Sprint, Texaco, MCI, Goodyear, Canon, GM, Breyer’s, Dannon, McDonald’s, Disney, Ford, American Airlines, Volkswagen, Chevy, Nike, (thousands of others) 


Recent Corporate, Video game & Multimedia:

EA Sports, Hundreds of audio books for Audible.com, The Air & Space Museum/Smithsonian Institute/Washington DC, The Aviation Museum/Seattle, Lord Abbett image video & logo, Citigroup “History” 150 anniversary video, Sandy Weil retirement video, AIAA outreach video, Cynopsis TV & audio podcast theme, Pfizer 150th Anniversary Celebration, Amazon, The Experience Lab, PBS Interactive, Apple Corporate Presentation...


Solo Recordings (non-soundtrack):

“Kiss The Quiet” (The Orchard/SONY/Valley) 2018 new age

“Dream Cycle” (Valley/Sony 2017) new age

"You Are My Heart"  (Spout/MWM/2015) new age

“All The Things I Could Not Say” (Spout/MWM/2013) new age

“The Sea of Tranquility” (Spout/MWM/2011) ambient

“Lights Along the Highway” [Arabesque 2010]] classical

“Dancing in Black & White” (Spout/MWM/2010) new age

“The Road of Ghosts” (Spout/MWM/2009) singer/songwriter

“The Tree of Life” ” (Spout/MWM/2009) ambient

“The Other Coast” (Spout/MWM 2007) ambient/cool age

“Jazzworks (Volume 1)” (Spout/MWM 2006 jazz/ambient

"My Secret Heart" [EMI/Narada 2005] solo piano

“Like Rain Through My Hands” [Alchemy/MWM 2004] ambient

“Nightscenes (re-release) [Alchemy 2004] ambient

“Mysterious Ways” [Koch 2001] jazz

“The Border of Dusk” [Koch 2000] ambient/experimental/jazz

“The Softest Touch” [EverSound 1999] solo piano

“The Shadows of October” [Arabesque 1999]] classical

“Afraid of Thunder” [Helicon 1996] classical


Selected Recordings as Producer/Music Director:

Bala Brothers "Live in Johannesburg" 2014 [Warner International]

“Seasons of Light” various artists (MWM) 2008

Andiamo “Love, From Italy” (Denon) 2007

“Reel Life” [Arabesque] 2000 †

“Songs Without Words” [Windham Hill/BMG]1997


   † = Grammy Nominated

   * = Emmy winner/nominated

   # = Production won awards