Kieran Kelly


Kieran Kelly was born in the French Quarter in New Orleans, raised in Flint, Michigan and deeply influenced by his music-loving parents throughout his childhood. Kieran's mother owned an independent record store, and his musician father regularly allowed six-year old Kieran to fill the drummer position in his at-home band jam sessions. His love of music was born.

Kieran moved to New York and opened The Buddy Project Studio in Astoria, Queens. Kieran is an ardent producer and engineer, and also relishes playing the drums and guitar when given the time and opportunity. Some of the albums created at The Buddy Project include Sufjan Steven’s “Illinoise,” Julia Stone’s “The Memory Machine,” Andrew Rose Gregory and The Gregory Brothers' "The Color Red and Other Songs about the Power of Love," and Angus & Julia Stone’s “Down The Way.” Kieran has earned Multi Platinum records in Australia , France (Angus & Julia Stone’s “Down The Way”) and New Zealand (Midnight Youth's "The Brave Don't Run") and a Gold Record in the U.S. (Better Than Ezra's "Friction Baby"). He produced, mixed and engineered original recordings that have appeared on ABC, CBS, FX, MTV, Showtime, The Sundance Channel and NPR. Kieran is also a co-founder of Stunning Models on Display Records and was invited to speak in front of Congress in 2007 to represent independent labels in support of music web-casters with regards to web radio royalties. 

Kieran loves The Beatles, The Smiths, Chet Baker, Pontificating, Prince, Jimmy Carter, Nina Simone, Gustav Mahler, God, his wife, sushi and frozen burritos. Someday Kieran will also get around to releasing a follow up to his debut solo record “11 Blues and Greens.”

Upcoming records Kieran will be producing are Skipper (Copenhagen), Digby & the Lullaby (Capetown)as well as engineering Fred Nicolaus of Department of Eagles and DM Stith, both for 4AD Records.


Farryl Purkiss
2013 Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

2013 Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitars, Vocals

Damen Samuel
2013 Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Angus & Julia Stone
Stone Box
2011 Engineer, Mixing

Julia Stone
Memory Machine
2011 Drums, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Producer

Angus & Julia Stone
Memories of an Old Friend
2011 Engineer, Mixing

Bridges and Powerlines
2011 Engineer, Producer

Will James
2011 Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Producer

Angus & Julia Stone
For You
2010 Engineer, Mixing

Angus & Julia Stone
Down the Way
2010 Guitar (Electric), Engineer, Mixing, Producer

Ali Hoffman How Our Love Has Grown
2010 Engineer, Mixing

Will Stratton
No Wonder
2010 Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Producer

Elaine Lachica
I Think I Can See The Ocean
2010 Engineer, Mixing, Producer

Ali Hoffman
This Side of Morning
2009 Engineer, Mixing

Angus & Julia Stone
And the Boys
2009 Engineer, Mixing

Adam Sullivan
I Have Never Been Fond of Falling from Heights (Swan Dive into the Atlantic) 
2009 Engineer, Mixing, Producer

Laura Butler
Crushing Blue Cupcakes
2009 Mixing, Producer

The Madison Square Gardeners
Don't Name the Pig
2009 Engineer, Producer

Essie Jain
2008 Engineer

Essie Jain
Inbetween [Bonus Tracks] 
2008 Drum Engineering

Aaron Lee Tasjan Hard Love and Free Luck
2008 Engineer, Producer

Will Stratton
What the Night Said 2007 Drums, Audio Production, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Jill Koch
Sweet Abdication 2007 Engineer

The Receiver
2006 Engineer, Keyboard Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Vocal Engineer

Jay Sherman-Godfrey
2006 Drums

Summer Lawns
First We Waited Then It Started
2005 Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Producer

Find Yourself
2003 Engineer

Sheffer Stephens
Shooting Cars, Building Stars
2002 Drums, Producer, Engineer

Better Than Ezra
Friction, Baby
1996 Pre-Production