Book Of Beasts.jpg

Hailey Wojcik


"Delightfully dark and loveably weird." -Noisey

“Of all her musical skills, her song-writing talents shine the brightest on Book of Beasts. Her songs draw on raw experience, and always come across original and darkly amusing, like smoking a lover to the filter in ‘Cigarette.’” -Audiofemme

“'XO, Skeleton' is a fun and cute stop-motion video that matches the punchy tone perfectly while contrasting against the darker lyrics." -Entertainment Weekly

"Hailey Wojcik writes the best break-up songs."

“Hailey Wojcik’s latest EP brings the intimacy of Laura Marling together with a raw, sexy danger...Book of Beasts is a stunning little collection of songs that twist around you and engulf you as you listen.” -Raw Meat