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Doug & Telisha Williams


The dead right, honest songwriting of Doug and Telisha blended with a kick-ass band. The last few years have been all about change and evolution for Doug and Telisha. They left their home in Virginia, spent a year as homeless troubadours, and finally settled in East Nashville just over a year ago. Since then, they’ve become a central part of their new Community. They co-host the weekly songwriting group called the East Nashville Song Salon, they host a weekly radio show on East Nashville Radio called Whiskey Wednesdays, and if you're wandering around on the east side of the Cumberland you can expect to see, hear or hang with them at The Family Wash and other local spots. That is, if they're not on the road - they still manage to average over 100 dates a year, bringing a burning energy to every show they play. They mean it. They live it. Then they get on stage and rip the shit out of it.