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David Cieri

by David Cieri


I grew up in a house with a whole lot of music happening all of the time - once when I was wearing a bowtie and practicing on a violin when I was 5, my next door neighbor (also 5) came to the front door (made mostly of glass) with a sledgehammer (made mostly of iron) which he dragged across the lawn...picked it up and swung - shards of a million pieces of this glass door flew past me at light speed. He was trying to jail break me. But making music has always been my jailbreak - my secret door. my own private tornado.

I feel such gratitude in having been able to work and make music in so many life giving contexts and with so many beautiful people... Members of the Philly Symphony, Ropeadope Records, Art Lande, John Zorn, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Chief Broom, Putnam Murdock, The Horde Tour, John Medeski, The Ewers Brothers, Ken Burns, Bill Frisell, Jordan Scannella, Bryan Pugh, Jay Frederick, Rubin Kodheli, Dan Brantigan, Mike Brown, Adan Vasquez, Yusef Komunyakaa, Danielle Blau, Anjna Swaminathan, Shahzad Ismaily, Mike Clark, Everyone at Florentine Films, Chris Speed, The Bianchi Brothers, Natasha Trethewey, Major Jackson, Eli Crews, Dreamland, Avatar, Figure 8, Salvatore Moltisanti and Ibla International, Unarmed Media, Ark Media, The City College of New York and The 92nd st Y, The Owl, NYC...

While traveling in a rock and roll band in, up, and around the U.S. with my companions in arms in the mid 90s, we played a night of music for an all deaf audience in Oregon. It stands as the most profound musical experience of my life. There are no walls in this world of sounds and it does in fact have enough clout to knock them down or clean clothes or make a bulletproof shield for the vulnerable to hide behind (well, we are trying real hard to unleash its full potentials)...I am committed to listening... looking forward to now... and what's ahead.


Documentary Film In production

Unarmed Media, Out oft he Ring, composer

Ark Media, The Gene – based on the book by Siddhartha Mukerjee, composer

Florentine Films, Ernest Hemmingway – composer

Florentine Films - ALI – composer

Florentine Films – Ben Franklin – composer

Ewers Brothers and Ken Burns – Thoreau – composer

Ewers Brothers and Ken Burns – Mental Health – (3 films over 10 years) - composer

Completed Documentary scores

Ken Burns, The Vietnam War, Composer (With Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble and Trent Reznor), Premieres 09.01.2017 PBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON

Barak Goodman and Ark Media, American Terrorism - Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City, Composer, Premieres 04.01.2016 PBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON

Barak Goodman and Ark Media, Gerald Ford, Composer, Premieres 08.15.2016 National Geographic

Ewers Brothers Productions and Ken Burns, A History of the Mayo Clinic, Composer, 09.28.2016 PBS, NETFLIX

Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein, Bard Prison Initiative, 2017 PBS

Nick Davis, Ted Williams, AMERICAN MASTERS, CO Composer, 08.01.2018 PBS

Sebastian Junger and Michael Epstein, Going to War, CO Composer, 07.01.2018 PBS

Ken Burns and Barak Goodman, The Emperor of All Maladies, Composer, 03.29.2015 PBS

Ken Burns, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, Composer, 09.14.2014 PBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON

Ken Burns, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History DVD extras, Composer, 09.14.2014 PBS Media

Ken Burns, The Address, Composer, 04.16.2014 PBS
Ken Burns, Prohibition, Composer (with Wynton Marsalis), 10.15.2011 PBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON

Ken Burns, Baseball: The Tenth Inning, Composer, 10.01.2010 PBS

Ken Burns, The National Parks, Composer, 09.15.2009 PBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON

Raymond DeFelitta, Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story, Composer, 08.01.2011

Ewers Brothers Productions, Colby College: A History, Composer, 07.01.2012

Ewers Brothers Productions, Kimball Union: A History, Composer, 07.15.2012

Ewers Brothers Productions, The Residue Years, Composer 10.10.2013

Ewers Brothers Productions, Bensonwood, Composer, 03.01.2015

Ewers Brothers Productions, Delman, Composer, 06.12.2009

Ewers Brothers Productions, Risk, Composer, 03.10.2010

Christopher Loren Ewers, Unstuck: The Music of David Cieri. Composer
Tom Dei, A Better Chance, Composer, 04.01.2013

Barker White, Beyond Pollution, Composer, 01.01.2009

DW Gibson, Not Working, Composer. 07.03.2012

Malachi Connolly, Built on Narrow Land, Composition Advisor, 05..06 2012

Marshal Curry, If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front, Composition Advisor, 01.05.2012.

Francesco Saviano, Out of the Ring TRAILER, Composer, 11.01.2017

Francesco Saviano, Dave Diamante’s Smoker - Web Series, 09.09.2016

Tony Gerber, for TED - When the War is Over, 03.01.2015

Narrative Film

Lynn Nottage – This is Reading – film composer for the event - 2017

Marcel Dzama, The Lotus Eaters, Composer, 2008

Michael Buscemi, Dos C. Composer, 2009

Michael Buscemi, B61, Composer, 2013

Matthew Bonifacio, The Quitter, Composer 2014 Tribeca Film

Matthew Bonifacio, Ana Smile, Composer 2013

Matthew Bonifacio, Fortune House, Composer, 06.01.2013 Tribeca Film

George Gross, Tatanka Rises in Buffalo Falls, Composer, 2013

George Gross, Miss Conduct, Composer, 2012

George Gross, Crazy on You, Composer, 2013

George Gross, Don’t Look at Me, Composer, 2013

George Gross, H is for Heroin, Composer, 2013

George Gross, Strychnine and Brandy, Composer, 2013

George Gross, Don’t Look at Me, Composer, 2013

George Gross, America’s Most Unsolved Mystery, Composer, 2012

George Gross, 650 Point, Composer, 2012

George Gross, Hickory Dickory Dock, Composer, 2012

George Gross, Death Rides A Horse, Composer, 2012

George Gross, Nanny Cam, Composer, 2012

George Gross, Whatever Happened, Composer, 2011

George Gross, Closing Notice, Composer, 2011

George Gross, Hearts and Flower, Composer, 2010

Karl Geary, You Were Perfectly Fine, Composer, 2010

Karl Geary, Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge, Composer, 2014

Alexandra Aron, Two Altars and a Cave, Composer, 2014

Marina Shron, Lullaby for Ray, Composer, 2009
Angelique Litizia, Sarina’s Song, Composer, 2011

Ewa Sklodowska, U-Turn, Composer, 2011

Hazuki Aikawa, Gone, Composer, 2009

Francesco Saviano, Two Birds, Composer, 2010
Michael A. Toscano, Bone White, Composer, 2009

J.P. Light, The Day the Bread Turned Green, Composer, 2008

Michael Germant, Legally Speaking, 2016

Theater In production

The Glass Menagerie, Island Productions Toronto, 2016

Ines Braun, Eurydice, Columbia University, 2016

Completed Theater Scores

David Pilot, Hans: A Case Study, Composer, 2011


University of Colorado Ballet, Pianist, 2000-2001

Commissioned Work

George Lucas and The Academy of Arts and Sciences: The Heart of The Matter, Composer, 04.01.2013

Miro Dance Company, Opening of the Frida Kahlo Exhibit, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Composer, 06.01.2011

Metropolitan Museum of Art and Artivi Films, Jasper Johns Exhibition Film, Composer, 2008

David Zwirner Gallery and Artivi Films, Marcel Dzama Exhibition Film, Composer, 2008

Peace and Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) and Unarmed Media, Noble Peace Prize Laureate 2012 Leymah Gbowee and Abigail Disney Peace Initiative Film, Composer, 2012

Apple Computers, Final Cut Pro Launch Film, Composer, 2011

Sing for Hope, 88 Pianos NYC, Performer and Composer, 2014


Paris Review Podcast 2016

Coke Zero in conjunction with Ewers Brothers Productions, Coke Zero’s City of Possibilities, Composer, 2014

We Approve This Message.com, 8 Ads for The Obama Administration - Election 2012, (Featured on Rachel Maddow), Composer, 2012

Ewers Brothers Productions, AAPD,Composer, 2014

Versatile Studios, Brooks Brothers, Composer, 2014

Versatile Studios, David’s Bridal, Composer, 2013

Versatile Studios, Clark’s Shoes.,Composer, 2013

Black Lodge Productions, Zippo, Composer, 2012


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Short-listed for Oscar nomination, Best Original Score For a Feature Length Film, for Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story, 2013

Austin 48 Hour Film Festival winner, Best Score, Don’t Look at Me, 2012

Asheville 48 hour Film Festival winner, Best score, Hickory Dickory Dock, 2012

48 Hour Film Festival Winner NYC, Best Score, Nanny Cam, 2011

Park City Music and Film Festival Silver Medal for Excellence in Music, Sarina’s Song, 2011

Accolades Film Festival Winner, Lullaby for Ray, Best Score, 2010


Original Music In production

Dark Furniture – featuring the poetry of Yusef Komunyakaa – January 2019

Completed Recordings

Ken Burns, The Vietnam War Soundtrack – NOTES FROM THE UNDERSCORE – 10 YEARS WITH FLORENTINE FILMS - 2018

The Mayo Clinic, music from a film by Ken Burns featuring Bill Frisell – ROPEADOPE RECORDS 2018

White Dust – featuring the poetry as read by Yusef Komunyakaa - 2017

Graves of Light – small e records 2017

The Goat and the Violin, Small e records, 2001

Ten Truths About East and West, Small e records, 2008

Ether Variations, Small e records, 2009

Use Your Inside Voice, Small e records, 2009

Music from the documentary film entitled Not Working, soundtrack for the film, Small e records, 2012

Formal Proof That The Universe is Neither Cruel nor Kind and That This is the Greatest Conceivable Horror, Small e records, 2013

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, Music from a film by Ken Burns, PBS, 2014

Chief Broom, Chief Broom, 1997

Guest Artist

Bret Sexton, Ad Hoc , Piano

Kara Suzanne, Parlor Walls, Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer
John Delore, Ode to an American Urn,

John Delore, Songs from Church Avenue, Piano, Hammond Organ

Kenny Cambre,The Guy you Cheer For, Dark Circles, Piano, Accordion

Putnam Murdock, Brand New Widow, Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer, Mellotron

Reed Foehl, Stoned Beautiful, Piano, Accordion

SELECTED PERFORMANCES (Complete List of performances available upon request)

Carnegie Hall at Weill Hall. 05.01.2013, 2012,2011,2010
Jazz at Lincoln Center, screening of the documentary The Emperor of All Maladies.

Jazz at Lincoln Center, screening of the documentary Prohibition

Red Rocks Amphitheater (1999,2003, 2004)

The Fox Theater

The Boulder Theater

The Great American Music Hall

The Roseland Ball Room

The Crystal Ballroom

The Fillmore West Millennium Concert

Riverbend Theater Cleveland, OH

Riverport Theater Cincinnati, OH

Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater Denver, CO

Traveled with the H.O.R.D.E tour sponsored by Blues Traveler 1998.

Artist Residencies

Avaloch Artist residencies, New Hampshire, 2014

Selected Performing Residencies (Complete List of Residencies upon Request)