Thunder Bridge

by Birdie Busch


Birdie Busch has been making and recording independent music from her home base of Philadelphia for a solid decade. A combination of loyal radio support across the U.S with every recording, live touring, and solid albums put out both herself and on adventurous independents like Bar None Records has created a constellation of connect the dots that has people listening to her music and making the claim that it’s some of the best they’ve known.

Five full lengths and a Philadelphia themed EP has had her creating sonic song soundscapes with some of Philly’s finest musicians, producers, and engineers. Critics from American Songwriter to Village Voice have found her of kindred spirit from everyone from Syd Barrett to Eudora Welty, and seem to just keep referring to what she does as her own thing and appreciating that strange place where it resides. City Paper says, “She’s noisy when she might’ve hushed up, nervy when most are relaxed, funny when others stay forlorn and dressy when she could be buttoned-up.” It’s this comfort to contain multitudes that has had her and her band sharing stages with everyone from Richard Thompson and Richie Havens to Dr.Dog and Junip.

She is always playing in her hometown of Philadelphia but enjoys just as much to play for people all over this land. She’s currently writing and recording more music but you can check out her complete discography at As an independent musician your support, enthusiasm, and sharing of her music with friends and other music appreciators is a huge way to ensure that she and the musicians she makes music with can keep doing it for you!